sicily pt 3: levanzo


Imagine docking into that harbour view. We were lucky enough to do exactly that when we took a boat trip one day from Favignana to Levanzo.




Like Favignana, Levanzo is another island in Sicily’s group of Aegadian Islands. It’s even smaller than Favignana, but boasts breathtaking views, quiet beaches and more than one delicious restaurant serving locally sourced food.


I’m wearing everything second hand, with the exception of my & Other Stories bikini and Monki top. The denim shorts are from Atika in Shoreditch (formerly Blitz). They’ve got a great collection of vintage Levi’s on offer, which are made to last an age!


We hiked halfway around the island to Cala Minnola beach. The hike is hilly and the views are beautiful. Pro tip: learn from my mistake and wear better hiking shoes or sandals like Tevas. My poor little Depop sandals couldn’t quite withstand the journey and I had to superglue them back together. I’d also recommend water shoes for swimming as the floor of the sea is quite rocky. Even without the water shoes, it was blazingly hot out, so I jumped straight in the water as soon as we arrived at our (nearly) private beach.


My book binge of the day was Sex & Rage by Eve Babitz, the whimsical story of a 1970s Hollywood it-girl turned writer. A dreamy holiday read.

After reading, lounging and swimming all morning we hiked back to the harbour area in search of something to eat. And what we found was pure gold! Restaurant Romano has no written menu—they serve whatever their local fishermen have brought in that day, which they explain to you by pointing to raw fish on a plate. We selected a couple of dishes and they cooked things up perfectly. I know that eating seafood can have its share of harm to the planet, but when it is done at a micro scale like this I see it as fairly harmless. Plus, the food was incredible!


The sea views and Sicilian wine weren’t bad either!

Did I mention the gelato? Eating in Italy really is my favourite thing. Right behind being makeup-free, freckle-faced and happy.



Saying goodbye to Levanzo’s sparkly, crystal clear water was hard. I can’t wait to go back!

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