sicily pt 1: la spiaggia


I recently had the holiday of my dreams in the Egadi Islands, off the northwest coast of Sicily. I was lucky enough to enjoy crystal-clear waters in my favourite blue, a breathtakingly beautiful landscape and a bit too much of the delicious local cuisine.

We spent most of our time on Favignana, which for an island of just 37 km² boasts a number of beautiful cliffs and beaches. The best way around the island is by bicycle—it is the easiest and quickest mode of transport, but also a brilliant way to catch the breeze and see the sites. As cycling seemed to be the most popular form of transport on the island, the air is extra clean and I would imagine quite low in CO2 emissions.


We hired bikes from our hotel and took them to Cala Azzurra and Blue Marino, which were in my opinion the most beautiful beaches on Favignana.


I wanted to treat myself to some new holiday duds, but preferred to save money to spend on the actual holiday. My compromise to myself was to visit my local Shop from Crisis, which has a lovely selection of like new clothes. I found these gingham shorts and scarf (which I’m wearing as a headband) there, and together they cost me less than a tenner. Second hand shopping is a great way to minimise waste for our gal mother earth, without breaking the bank.





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