I’m Melodie, also known as Melo, an American designer and art director who now lives in East London. As a visual person, getting dressed is one of my favourite parts of each day. I’ve always seen it as a chance to art direct myself—what could be more fun that that? This blog is a platform for me to document and share my outfit adventures and visual inspiration with you.


Whenever possible, I try to make choices in life and in fashion that are ethically and environmentally responsible. I cycle to work, recycle, don’t eat meat and carry a reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go. Given the option, I choose to support fashion brands that I know have practices in place to look after the environment and their employees. I’m not perfect—I can’t promise that the 100% of the content you see on this blog will be 100% sustainable—but I do try to hero ethical brands or vintage finds (hello recycling gone fab!) whenever I can.

And yes, I generally am pretty mellow (except when I’m moody).

bright colours
black coffee
gallery hopping
red wine
fast guitars

not so keen:
reality TV
vodka (soz Lucille Bluth)