Bike shorts 2 ways

Dress bike shorts up or down to stay chic and comfy – bicycle optional

One big silver lining to lockdown in the UK is that cycling has become more popular than it has in a long time. For those who may be new to cycling around town, figuring out what to wear can take some thought. If I’m cycling for any reason other than sheer exercise, I don’t want to wear my workout kit, yet I don’t want to be uncomfortable on the bike. It’s a tough balance to strike. When deciding what to wear for cycling whilst looking relatively chic, I looked to the obvious: bike shorts. I found an Adidas pair made from recycled materials at a bargain for just £25.

When buying a new addition for my capsule wardrobe, I try to live by the motto “if you must buy new, buy well.” To me, this means you should look for quality so that your new purchase will last for years to come, but also that the new purchase is manufactured in an ethical, sustainable way. What’s more, it’s important to consider the versatility of the item, so that you could wear it in many different ways. A good quality pair of bike shorts Bike shorts in a neutral colour could be a great piece to add to your capsule wardrobe, as they can be styled in many ways, helping you keep your cost per wear and negative environmental impact down. Here are two ways that I’ve styled my pair with clothes I already own.

If you must buy new, buy well

In a Melo Mood

For cycling to Hampstead Heath I styled my first bike shorts look, unimaginatively, with head-to-toe activewear. I knew I’d be cycling a lot of hills on a hot sunny day, so wanted to keep comfort and staying cool as a priority. I’m wearing my shorts with a black tank – also from Adidas and made from recycled materials – that I’ve had for over five years. The Vans trainers I’ve had for at least eight years, and now feel as thought they’re an extension of my feet. While this look is unmistakably activewear, head-to-toe neutrals keep me from feeling only decent enough for the gym.

Bike shorts are as easy to glam up as they are to dress down. To dress up your bike shorts, try pairing with an oversized or structured top, especially one with a print. For my second look, I’ve paired the same Adidas shorts with a printed wrap blouse from Ganni. I love the contrast of combining tight shorts with big, dramatic sleeves. completing the look with vintage sunglasses and the same well-loved pair of Vans, every other piece are things I already had in my wardrobe.

Given that people in Britain are now advised to avoid public transportation, a silver lining has been such a boom in cycling, which helps reduce harmful carbon and light emissions. With flexible capsule wardrobe pieces like bike shorts, you can keep your style and chosen mode of transport environmentally friendly.

I’d love to hear from you – what do you like to wear to stay comfortable while cycling?

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