Sunny in Sayulita

Slip on some sandals, slap on some suncream, and follow me to Sayulita, a surf town on on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Sayulita is a small Mexican town of about 5,000 people and is located in Nayarit, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s known for its beautiful beaches, “Hippie Market”, surfing and fishing. Its warm weather year-round made it the perfect place for me to seek out some much-needed winter sun.

Packing for sunny weather whilst in chilly, grey London can feel a bit awkward. In December, the shops this side of the equator are all showing their thickest, wooliest jumpers – there isn’t a sundress or a bikini in sight. I was struggling to find inspiration for what to wear on holiday. Online mega shops like ASOS carry summer clothes year-round, but with their dodgy environmental practices, I knew that I had to think outside of the box (erm, salt-and-pepper plastic bag).

In the end, I decided not to buy anything new to wear on holiday. I pulled my box of summery clothes out from under the bed and spent an hour trying things on to see if I couldn’t combine old pieces in new ways. I ended up creating several new outfits that I love – all without buying anything new. Getting creative with pieces you already have is easy, and makes for a low-waste and low-cost alternative to buying new clothes.

Here I am wearing a blue top that I’ve had since 2014 (you might remember it from this post last year), and pairing it with some silk shorts that I bought to wear to Lollapalooza in 2012. My headband is actually a silk scarf that my mom made in the 1980s. It had been collecting dust on my coathooks for ages and I decided to finally bring it out into the daylight. Here I’ve tied the scarf into my hair, which proved handy in keeping flyaways off my face whilst on the beach.

My Dior sunglasses and Cos sandals were both bought secondhand from Vestiaire Collective. If you haven’t heard of Vestiaire Collective before, go have a browse! They are a brilliant and easy-to-use website to buy and sell secondhand and vintage luxury fashion. Every item goes through a quality inspection before it is shipped to you, and then arrives at your door with a Vestiaire Collective branded tag and a garment bag, so your second hand purchase still feels like a new, treat-y buy. I would especially recommend Vestiaire for sunglasses, as they’ve got beautiful designer pairs starting for as little as £20.

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