one pair of boots, three festive party looks

The versatile heeled Chelsea boot is here to save the day for all your festive season dressing. Here are three looks, with help from our friend Chelsea, that you can pull together with minimal effort to feel fabulous at your Christmassy event.


It’s time for office Christmas parties, gatherings with friends, New Years Eve parties and festive nights in your parents’ local pub where you’ll inevitably bump into your old school mates. I put together these three party looks, perfect for any holiday occasion,  all without buying anything new. Before running to Topshop to buy a new outfit that you’ll only tire of by next year, have a rummage around in the back of your wardrobe. Chances are, you’ll be inspired to combine old pieces in a way that makes them feel new. Let the festive partying commence!

The Boots

I bought these navy blues from & Other Stories three years ago and they’re still going strong. If you don’t already have a similar pair, then black ballet flats, mules or kitten heels would also work nicely with any of these looks.


Look One

I bought this jumpsuit in Reformation when I was visiting NYC last year. My best friend persuaded me to buy it by saying “you’re just going to feel so happy whenever you put that on.” She was totally right! I’m wearing it here with 1970s vintage earrings from Screaming Mimi’s. Reformation are one of my favourite brands. Not only do they make clothes that seem to hang perfectly off the body, but sustainability always been at the core of everything they do.



Look Two

I found this blazer in the Hackney Flea market last year. Wearing this bold jacket over a little black dress creates a balanced look. This would work well with a blazer in any bright colour, or even a cropped faux fur jacket.


Look Three

This look combines a sparkly wool & Other Stories leotard and a vintage velvet skirt that I found in Rokit on Brick Lane. The pearls and earrings were both my grandmothers. If you’re lucky enough to have vintage family gems, then wear ’em! If you don’t have any statement pieces like these, I bet you have a friend that does who’d be happy to loan them to you for the night.



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