8 second hand gifts to put on your Christmas wish list

Who ever said that a Christmas gift has to be new? I’d like to make the case for second hand gifts.

Each year, UK households bin about 300,000 tonnes of clothing, meaning that these items end up seeing their bitter end in a landfill. Unless you’re 100% positive that you’ll still love that Zara top five years from now, it is far less harmful to opt for a second hand alternative. What’s more, buying second hand is nearly always less expensive than buying new, meaning this is a win for the ole coin purse as well as the planet.


1. You’ll feel like Joan from Mad Men in these gorgeous Prada pumps on Vestiaire



2. I love rock ‘n’ roll. And I love these biker boots.


P8 (1)

3. This 90s slip dress would be gorgeous on its own or layered over a black turtleneck for cooler days



4. You’ll be feelin’ yourself in this vintage 1980s faux fur leopard coat.



5. This gorgeous Valentino silk clutch will go with every evening outfit you have, bringing that cost per use right down. Plus, it’s already wrapped in a bow!


Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 10.05.01.png

6. This cheery Alexander McQueen silk skull scarf will brighten any dreary winter day. Wear it with a simple white shirt for an easy work uniform.



7. How sweet is this pearl beret from Beyond Retro? Très chic, chérie! I love how Pandora Sykes styled it in her piece for Man Repeller.



8. This classic 1970s day dress will make you look effortlessly chic, whilst keeping you warm. Wear it with a pair of riding boots for a sophisticated look.


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