that’s a keeper


mood: dreamy Sicilian sunsets, a camouflaged sports car, Aperol Spritz in the sunshine, this bag and top combo



One sunny Sunday, I took my KeepCup for a walk. With green tea in tow and London summer in full swing, I set out for a day in the sunshine.

I was recently given a KeepCup as a gift and I bloody love it. As a full-blown coffee addict,  I love takeaway coffees, but am greatly concerned by the plastic cups and lids involved. Did you know that most paper takeaway coffee cups cannot be recycled? The KeepCup is durable, so it’s easy to chuck in my bag for the day in case I fancy a coffee later on. It’s lovely to sip on and doesn’t leak a drop.

What’s more, lots of coffee shops (including giants Starbucks and Costa) offer a discount for customers who bring their own cups! So you can be a little greener and a little more caffeinated, all while saving a few pennies.





Top and skirt from Monki. Sunglasses by RayBan. Sandals from Depop.

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