sustainable style spotlight: jade wilson

Jade Wilson is a digital designer and hand letterer with a pint-sized frame and a head full of dreamy long hair that would make the Little Mermaid jealous.

mood: this woman’s mermaid hair, vintage-inspired LA style, Shoreditch street style, Eliza Doolittle



Jade’s style mixes sporty with playfully feminine in a way that is uniquely her. We had a chat about where she gets her inspiration, and the pros and cons of Topshop.



Melo: Tell me about what you’re wearing today.

Jade: A shameful amount of Topshop. I had everything that I was wearing since I was 18/19 years old! I had a bit of a spending obsession when I was that age and everything was either from the River Island sale, Topshop sale or last chance to buy section.

I’m also wearing my mums vintage jacket. She bought it when she was 19! It originally had shoulder pads but she ripped them out when the fashion of having huge shoulders were out. It had a beautiful silver button at the top that was hanging on for dear life when I stole it from her wardrobe. Unfortunately, it fell off but do I plan to replace it with an even better one!

Melo: How would you describe your style?

Jade: It depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel a bit playful/ sexy, some days I feel comfy or ‘my default’ – which normally consists of jeans, trainers and a t-shirt. Default is normally worn when I’ve overslept or not thought what I’m going to wear the night before.

Melo: Where do you get your inspiration from? Any style icons?

Jade: I don’t normally look at anyone in particular as my personal style icon. Instead, I tend to look at people on the street and think “oh, I have jeans and a top like that!” Normally an outfit I would have never thought about before. I do love love love Eliza Doolittle’s style though. If I had the height, I’d probably steal her entire wardrobe.




Melo: What makes you feel the happiest when you put it on?

Jade: The best outfits are where I can put trainers on in the morning with one outfit and then switch to a pair of heels in the evening and still feel comfortable in the same outfit. Summer fashion is also one of my favourites. I love wearing crop tops so as soon as its above 0℃ I’m all over the crops!

Melo: Tell me a bit about your choices and practices when it comes to sustainability, in fashion or otherwise.

Jade: Everything in my wardrobe is about 100 years old (or I bought them when I was in my spending phase). I rarely buy new clothes now and if I do it’s because it’s on sale or I have a voucher. I hang onto a lot old things that go “out of fashion” too because I know it’ll come right back around.


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