yellow there

mood: a matching house/van/person set in San Francisco, this 1970s Wrangler advert, these 1960s London mod girls, lovely buttercup flowers



This outfit has sentimental value and combines two pieces that I’ve had in my wardrobe since 2011. I found this buttercup-hued dress in a flea market in the 17th arrondissement in Paris. While I was studying there, I remember distinctly being out exploring on a sunny afternoon with some friends when I spotted the dress, haggled down the price to accommodate my minuscule student budget, then wore it as soon as possible. The denim vest was a surprise present from my best friend, which she sneakily ordered into my local Levi’s store before I had left for Paris.


Together, they make a simple look, perfect for strolling about in the spring sun (now that we finally have some here in London, that is). I’ve been regularly wearing these pieces for nearly seven years now, which means that the cost per wear of this look is incredibly low. As the dress was vintage to begin with, so is its environmental impact.






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