sustainable style spotlight: ana henriques

Ana Pedro Henriques is a graphic designer and fashion producer, originally from Lisbon and now living in East London. She’s really passionate about music as well, and publishes her beautiful photos from the many gigs she attends on her Instagram By the Crowd.

In terms of personal style, Ana is at the top of the game. She is very keen on vintage and can pull off just about any look effortlessly. The berets have become her signature look, and I have to say I’m a very big fan.



mood: 1980s power dressing, PJ Harvey, St Vincent, this Berlin atelier


Melo: How would you describe your style?

Ana: It’s kind of all over the place. It’s got a lot of influence from music, my mother and the 80s, of course. I like to also mix feminine with masculine and old and new.

Melo: Where do you get your inspiration from? Any style icons?

Ana: Mostly my mother, the eclipse of the heart, you know? And I would say some women musicians like Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Jane Birkin. Kate Bush as well, and I’ve been listening to a lot of her music lately too.





Melo: Tell me about what you’re wearing today. What do you know about how they were made in terms of eco-friendliness?

Ana: I’m wearing a vintage jumpsuit that I got from Beyond Retro, some Vagabond boots and a beret from ebay. The belt was from Rockit and the earrings are vintage as well.

I would say I’m really clueless [about the environmental impact of what I’m wearing]. I want to know more and I think more and more I’m conscious about the materials before I buy anything…trying to avoid the polyesters especially, even because of health. They get super smelly! I do like a lot of vintage and [that feels better as] you’re kind of renewing something already that way.

Melo: What item of clothing makes you feel the best when you wear it and why?

Ana: That’s a hard one! I would say this jumpsuit actually! Jumpsuits are so easy, you just put on one thing and job done. I like this 80s bombshell kind of feeling, and that’s how I feel when I wear a jumpsuit.





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