sustainable style spotlight: will mcsweeney

Will McSweeney is the head of social at digital agency Your Favourite Story. When you meet Will, you will first notice his wildly long and curly hair.

Second, you will notice his bold sense of style, which pulls cues from hip hop culture and classic English tailoring, all topped up with a bit of cockney twang.


mood: British AF tweed suit, Eggsy from the Kingsman, Pharrell Williams, Tom Hardy off duty in his jacket from Dunkirk, Pharrell again.




Melo: How would you describe your style?

Will: I think it’s probably rooted in hip-hop really, that’s where it came from. But then I’ve got quite an eclectic mix, by bringing in some English heritage influence.

Melo: Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you have any style icons?

Will: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t [have any icons] really. My dad’s a pretty fly dresser. I get the English gent’s side from him, but then the hip-hop from my upbringing as a hip-hop kid in London. Pharrell’s gotta be up there too. He’s got the smart casual street wear thing down—he’s got the whole game going on.

Melo: Tell me about what you’re wearing today.

Will: So, we’ve got some nice suede pink dunks, which I’ve found bargain, which is always good. Some socks that probably cost as much as my shoes. I love a good sock, they’re essential. Some customised All Saints jeans—you won’t find these in the shop. I tried to salvage them [when they ripped], so I got a little patch of tweed sewed on at the dry cleaner’s. It’s much less wasteful and it’s kind of a demo for what may be coming down the line. Basic Stussy tee shirt, and then there’s the scarf. Vintage. Always vintage scarves. My mum bought it for me. That’s a little trick actually, my mum buys all of my scarves. It’s the only thing she feels comfortable buying for me that she knows I’ll like, so she doesn’t get reprimanded. But my favourite piece is probably this Nursey jacket.

Melo: Yeah, tell me more about this jacket.

Will: It’s made in Bungay in Suffolk, this small town, almost a village, where my dad’s moved. We sort of discovered these coats as an offshoot of the move really. It’s made and bought locally, plus it’s second hand, even though it’s probably pretty new. I found it at a second hand shop in Bungay, so it’s obviously stayed local, which I think is pretty cool.





Will is wearing Nike trainers, customised All Saints jeans, Stussy tee shirt, Nursey jacket and a vintage scarf.

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