how to romance yourself


mood: American Beauty, hot lava and the OFFF London title credits by digital agency Poke


Bad news guys: it’s cold out. What’s more, it’s wet and grey. You and everyone you know are spending more evenings in because you’re on a health kick and trying to detox the heavy boozing from the month before. That, or you’re hard up for cash post-Christmas and would rather stay in with a tin of beans than spend money in a pub.


I’m right there with you. Let’s embrace this hibernation instinct and really relish in it. Last week, on a miserable weekday evening, I treated myself to a luxurious night in.


I played some relaxing music (I recommend Miles Davis), dimmed the lights and lit as many candles as I could find.


To make the most of a dreamy evening by yourself, I recommend setting up everything you might need in your bathroom: at least two clean towels within arm’s reach, a book, moody lighting, music, candles and a bath bomb or bubble bath are all excellent.

I used a bath bomb from Lush, and the colour show I got was spectacular.



While Lush may not label themselves as an “ethical” company, they have been a front runner of fighting against animal testing in the beauty industry. They also commit to using recycled materials for their packaging and to use green transport to get products to stores whenever possible. You can read more on their environmental policy here.



What are you waiting for? Strip down and dip in.

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