in a melo kind of mood

I’m Melodie, but some people call me Melo. Allow me to introduce you to a new kind of fashion blog: in a melo mood.

I am a visual person. I learn best by seeing things presented in an illustration or a chart. Every salad I make has to have the right balance of colours and textures, be it ruby red pomegranate seeds to contrast against dark leafy greens or feta with bright and cheery carrot ribbons. I make my living designing marketing materials and art directing photo shoots for clients. My bookshelf is organised by colour. You get the idea.

Every morning (or afternoon, if I’ve had a heavy night before), I take an incredible amount of pleasure in selecting my outfit for the day. I don’t have an especially vast wardrobe, but rather try to create new combinations with the pieces I already have.

Oh, and I take zero shame in a mirror selfie (don’t judge).


Can you spot my favourite trousers?

As an art director, a big part of my job is collecting inspiration to help guide the visual direction of a particular idea or design. I assemble these images that I find on the internet or in the world into something that visually sets the tone—what we call a “mood board.”

Each look that I share with you on this blog works in a similar way. I will share with you not only the outfit, but its source of inspiration (the “mood”), thus tying together style with art + design. Since I’m Melo and this site is my style mood board, I’ve called it “in a melo mood.” Also, I’m generally pretty mellow (except when I’m moody).

For example, here is the mood I was in when I came up with the idea for this blog:


Whenever possible, I will try to champion brands that make their clothes in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way and that treat their employees and makers fairly and ethically. I’m also a big fan of charity shops and anything vintage as I see them as a really fun recycling program for clothes. (Plus, have you ever been to a kilo sale? They’re amazing!) I’m not promising to be perfect—not every item in my wardrobe is totally sustainable. I’m just out here trying to do the best I can. If you know of any fantastic ethical brands that I have to check out, leave a comment below!

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